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Our Paradise

Hick’s Place is the home of Troy (Hick) and Jenni Stevenson. The land Hick’s Place consists of has been in Troy’s family for over 100 years. The love for this land, sharing, and teaching in the concepts of living with the land was instilled in him from his grandfather and putting in hard day’s work from his father as he grew up learning from both men as they carried for their land with pride.

Our Land

On the outskirts of Cedar Falls, Iowa, is a hidden oasis in the woods. Take the backroads and enjoy nature on your way out to Hick’s Place, located at 6658 Pashby Road, Cedar Falls, Iowa.


This is

Our Dream

Hick & Jenni

The union of a good ol’ country boy who believes that your handshake is your word and a former city girl with a deep passion for helping others planted the American dream on fertile soil and grew Hick’s Place.


Troy (nickname, Hick) and Jenni complement each other perfectly and brought together their own unique qualities to create a thriving place for friends and family to come together to enjoy nature. Troy has deep roots in country living and truly enjoys life, sharing his laughter with whoever he encounters. Jenni shares her positivity and unique outlook on life, writing books, speaking, and helping Troy on the land. Together this couple that seemed worlds apart complement each other in their life together as they created a place that Jenni named Hick, after Troy’s nickname.


The idea for Hick’s Place came to fruitition when Troy and Jenni were watching their children play outside in their woods. They wanted everyone to come to enjoy nature while also bonding with each other and growing their relationships.


For Jenni, the memories you take with you are the best thing that come out of Hick’s Place. For Troy, it’s the opportunity of getting children off of screens and into Mother Nature to learn life skills and appreciate the spirit of the land.


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