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Get ready to

Experience Nature

Once you schedule your adventure with Jenni, head down their country road and get ready for a great time. You’ll find Jenni waiting for you, waving at you over by the Shack as you park. Hick himself will be doing chores around the property and will take the time to greet you as well. If Hick is in his Sunday Best, a pair of striped coveralls and straw hat, you’re in for a treat with a really special event.

Hick, Jenni, and their family and friends will make sure your adventure at Hick’s Place is everything you wanted and more, becuase what matters most is the memories you take with you. Enjoy your time at Hick’s Place; we know we’ll enjoy our time spent with you.

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Learn a life skill that you can use for sport or just for fun.

Hick’s Farm

Educational program about raising cattle, conservation, hunting, and trapping, along with an occasional hay ride.



Hick’s Pond

Go fishing, take a stroll around on the paddle boat, or learn to canoe.

Kid’s Club

All-day summer fun from 8 am – 4 pm for ages 7 and up. Kid’s Club is usually held on Mondays and a few Thursdays, on 14 different dates. Space for Kid’s Club is limited, so contact us about registration today!


laser tag

Laser Tag

Come play in Hick’s Woods with Battlefield Sport laser tag equipment.  Great for birthday parties, adult fun, camps, team building, business outing… fun for all ages. If you can’t physically come out to Hick’s Place, we can bring our mobile laser tag course to your event!

Special events

Special Events

Rent the entire park for your group, business, or event needs. Every activity held at the park is at your disposal! Your experience at Hick’s Place will be customized to your needs.


Hick’s Place Military Family Appreciation Day

Always held at Hick’s Place the Sunday before Labor Day Weekend, Military Family Appreciation Day is a free event thanks to the help of amazing local sponsors.  Free food and all day fun, starting at 9 am with church and the main event with a keynote speaker and live entertainment starts at 1 pm. This event is open to any family with a member presently serving, a veteran, a gold star family, or a survivor family.


Hick’s Adventure Program Price Information
Outdoor Laser Tag The Woods $120 per hour, $80 minimum $25 deposit due at booking Arrive 20 minutes before you’re scheduled to start.Max of 12 players or $10 a person for each additional player over.
Mobile Laser Tag Local rates $350/two hours. Contact Jenni for non-local / non-profits Contact us to get started.
Hick’s Shack Hick’s Shack Rental $30 per 30 Minutes Seating is limited.
Full Park Rental Hick’s Shack, Laser tag in the WOODS, Laser tag blow bunkers, Pond, Fishing, and more $400 for 3 hours; 3 hour minimum. $75 deposit due at booking Max of 50 people.For larger events, contact us for special rates. You’re welcome to bring in a band, event speakers, or just take advantage of all Hick’s has to offer. We’d be happy to help you plan your event!
Hick’s Pond Kid’s Fishing 1-4 people $55, 5-8 people $65, $5 / person or contact Jenni for group rates. Catch and release style fishing. Parental supervision required.
Hick’s Pond Introduction to Canoeing or Paddleboating Based on consultation. Beat the heat and take your kids out on Hick’s Pond and introduce them to canoeing or paddleboating.
Hick’s Archery Range 1-6 people $35, 7-12 people $65 Contact us for special rates.
Kid’s Club Hick’s Day Camp 17 day pass(all access) $425, 8 day pass $256, 1 day $35 Held on Mondays through the summer months, some Thursdays. Arrive between 8:00-8:30am, pickup between 4:00-4:30pm. 40 child maximum.
Concealed Carry Educational Class $75 new, $35 for renewal NRA instructor educates and helps certify groups to be able to conceal and carry a weapon. Four hours in a classroom and one hour in the range.


Cattle Educational Class Varies, contact us for group rates or add on to your laser tag party It’s more than just the meat you pick up at the store! We also sell natural beef.
Furs and Skulls Educational Class Varies, contact us for group rates or add on to your laser tag party We teach kids to recognize animals furs and skulls.
Introduction to Gun Safety for Children Educational Class Contact JenniC We use the laser tag equipment to educate the children on weapon safety and education
Weapon Safety and Education Women’s Only Educational Class Based on consultation One on one class with a trained instructor.
Hick’s Farming Based on consultation  Custom bailing and labor.


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